From the Japanese Kitchen: Agedashi Tofu Recipe

I guess many people enjoyed the onigiri recipe from “Cooking with Dog” (^^)! So today, I would like to introduce another simple recipe for a Japanese dish. It’s called “agedashi tofu”.


agedashi tofu

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Now, let’s check out the how-to cooking video, “Cooking with Dog” (^^).



[Ingredients for Agedashi Tofu]
(serves 2)

300g Firm Tofu (10.6 oz)
5cm Daikon Radish (2 inch)
A piece of Ginger
4 Shishito Peppers
Potato Starch
Frying Oil
Shichimi – Seven Flavor Chili Pepper

– Sauce –
150ml Kombu & Bonito Dashi Stock (5.07 fl oz)
(Watch “Mizore Nabe” video to make dashi stock from scratch or use packaged dashi)
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Mirin (sweet cooking wine)


Source of recipe: Cooking With Dog


[Tips from JAPAN Style]

Making dashi stock is kind of a troublesome task even for Japanese people (^^; so, I recommend you use packaged dashi. This is usually available in powder and the packages look like these in the photos below.



If you can’t find mirin at stores or don’t want to buy it just to make agedashi tofu, you can use cooking wine and suger instead (1 tbsp mirin = 1 tbsp cooking wine + 1 teasp suger). And as toppings, try some ground daikon raddish, ground ginger, nori seaweed, green onion, dried bonito (katsuo-bushi), and so on. These will make your agedashi tofu much more delicious! 😮



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