A Unique Spot for Book Lovers Opens in Shibuya

"itchys" some rights reserved. flickr

“itchys” some rights reserved. flickr


After graduating from school, most people might not have many opportunities to spend time in the library. Likely this is because libraries are not open at convenient times, or maybe they are too far from the office. But what if there were a stylish cafe-style library that remained open in the evening and stayed open far past midnight?  You might be able to stop by after work and enjoy your spare time more effectively.

A cafe named “Mori no Toshoshitsu” (= library in the forest)  opening at the end of this month in Shibuya, Tokyo, would be perfect for busy working people. Mori no Toshoshitsu was founded by book lover Shunsuke Mori, who is only 30 years old. Creating his own library was kind of like Mori’s childhood dream. One day he decided to raise funds for his library on a crowd-source funding site. The goal amount was achieved, according to Mori, “1,300%” in only five days.

Mori no Toshoshitsu stocks 10,000 books and lends them out for free. The books are all carefully selected by the founder and fundraisers, and the staff will show you their recommendation if you ask. This library is located just seven minutes by foot from Shibuya station, and remains opens until 1:00 a.m. And what’s more, you can also enjoy some drinks (even beer!!) and light snacks. That sounds like heaven, doesn’t it!? Anybody with a Facebook account can borrow their books. Seating is available for those who order something from the menu. The cover charge for visitors is ¥500 = US$4.90 (but it is free for members). The kind of cafe/library hybrid experience offered by Mori no Toshoshitsu truly unique.

Even if you haven’t been interested in reading so much so far, this new spot might give you a good opportunity to meet good books 🙂


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Author: Junko


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