Local Character from Kochi Pref., “Skipjack Human”

JAPAN Style has introduced some unique local characters in Japan. Today, you are going to learn about another weird character, “Katsuo Ningen” which means “Skipjack Human.”

He was created by a sweets store in Kochi Prefecture to promote the local specialties. At first glance, he looks like a featureless half man-half fish wearing loincloth, but a shocking surprise is on the back of the head. It’s cut open and you can see the bone and the meat!


Image by YouTube


Skipjack dishes are the specialty dishes of Kochi Prefecture, but the character doesn’t have to be a sashimi head (^_^)

According to the profile, Katsuo Ningen is obstinate and moody. His hobby is surfing and pole-and-line fishing (he fishes LOL).

In Kochi, you can find Katsuo Ningen stuffed dolls, stickers, notepads, underwear, netsuke (pocket storage), and cell phone straps.

He was appointed for an ambassador to promote the products of Kochi at “Marugoto Kochi (Whole Kochi)” in Ginza, Tokyo. It seems that he’s doing good job; he attracts pedestrians in Ginza.



Although he has a bizarre feature, he is called “buro kawaii” which means “grotesque and cute” among people instead of keeping people away.


Source: Kochi Iimono Net


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