A Sri Lankan Who Activates a Small Island’s (Ama) Tourism in Japan

Rainbow Beach. (C) Ama-cho Tourism Association

Rainbow Beach. (C) Ama-cho Tourism Association

The Akeya Shore. (C) Ama Town

The Akeya Shore. (C) Ama Town

For a busy city-dweller, this would be a possible vacation destination.

Ama-cho, a small town in [W:Shimane Prefecture], is a quiet island with beautiful ocean and greens.

In this island, there is a Sri Lankan man who works for the town’s tourism association.

His name is Sameera Gunawardena.


After graduating a Japanese university, he was invited to work for the island by a collage mate.

Since he started his life in Ama-cho, he played an important role for the island.

“Passive tourism” to “active tourism”; he has been trying to promote the island in a different view.

What he is focusing now is an herb called gotukola, which is used for Ayurveda.

He found wild gotukola in the island, and created recipes with the herb.

Ama-cho tourism association occasionally offers special programs for tourists.

In the program titled “Healing and Awakening Stay”, the participants enjoyed relaxing time with Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.

(Reference: Nikkei 12/3/09)



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