Huge Post-it!

Post-it is handy but small.
One day, Japanese blogger Mr. K comes up with the idea of making a very huge Post-it.


He gets the biggest sheet of paper (1.092m x 10 m) at the shop.


Then he unrolls the paper on the lawn because it is too big to lay out in his room (^^;


Laying small colored paper on the edge makes it more Post-it looking!


The original paper size is too long for a Post-it, so Mr. K makes it a bit short.
But it’s still huge!


Well… I guess it’s too big for office use (-_-;


It can’t be attached on a computer screen like this.


What should he do!?


Mr. K walks out of the main office and finds some space for his huge Post-it.


He got enough space this time, but he must have forgotten what a Post-it is for, LOL!


He gives up using his huge Post-it indoors and runs to a playground.
There is some use for it there 😀


Three, two, one…




Congrats, Mr.K!
He found a very good place to put his huge Post-it!
But still, he keeps forgetting something important and keeps trying to find some more suitable places for his oversized Post-it.



 On the building wall.


Hmm. It looks nice but is still useless.


On the street.


It seems too rough to attach.


He finally remembers the real purpose of Post-it and finds a large book.


However, his Post-it is unfortunately too big, even for this book… Sorry!


Source: Daily Portal Z

This is JAPAN Style!