A Deal for Hair-Free Patrons at Sounkyo Mount View Hotel

autumn view in Japan

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Autumn view in Sounkyo


A few months back, Japan Style shared an article about an izakaya restaurant featuring a unique discount service only for bald people. Sounkyo Mount View Hotel in Kamikawa, Hokkaido, has also recently decided to offer a ¥500 (=US$4.8) discount to customers who have either no hair at all or close buzz cuts. The discount is applied only when it’s self-reported and paid in cash.

The reason why they started offering this discount is not just because it sounds fun and catchy. According to the their blog, when the hotel president (who is bald) overheard the room cleaning staff’ commenting on the fact that cleaning hair out tub and sink drains is the toughest part of their work. He realized that “Bald guys like me never clog up drains. Cleaning would be much easier…” and came up with the idea of this brilliant discount service. The guests can save money, and the hotel also can save both cleaning time and money. I would say it’s a reasonable win-win situation!

Sounkyo is one of Hokkaido’s prominent “onsen” hot-spring resorts, located at the foot of Mt. Taisetsuzan. The season of beautiful autumn leaves is coming quite soon in Hokkaido. So, if you are bald or nearly so, and planning your next vacation, Sounkyo might be a good choice 🙂


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