Japanese Shogun Style Ropeway!?

The other day, I reported my trip to Mt. Takao. Today I want to show you some pictures taken at view points in [W:Nihondaira], [W:Shizuoka Prefecture].

Nihondaira is one of the “Japan’s 100 tourist spots”. The scenery there is beautiful and the ropeway is famous.

This is a report by another blogger.

Let’s look at the pictures!



samurai ropeway
The blogger headed for the Kunozan Tosho-gu, which is connected with Tokugawa Shogunate.
To get there, he had to take a ropeway.


samurai ropeway
The view was great.
A ropeway was approaching to the station.


samurai ropeway
Hmm? The design is kind of strange…


samurai ropeway
Interestingly, it is designed like a palanquin and has Tokugawa Shogunate’s hollyhock crest.
It is because the shrine is the original burial place of [W:Tokugawa Ieyasu].


This is the hollyhock, the family crest of Tokugawa Shogunate.


tokugawa kamon


Wow… it is a quite unique ropeway.

Your countries must have uniquely designed ropeways too, if you do, please tell me!


Source: Daily Portal Z




This is JAPAN Style!


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