Instant Growing “Magic Christmas Tree”

Last month I introduced “Magic Sakura,” and this time it is a Christmas tree!



Leaves grow magically on the paper made trunk after you pour “magic water” into the tray. It takes 12 hours to be completed, and lasts about 4 weeks.



This video shows hot it grows.




The trick of the magic is sodium acetate, which crystallizes on the tree and looks like snow or leaves.

The trees above are small ones (16cm) and there is a rainbow colored one too. Also there are large sized ones (28cm) in green and white. Large ones need longer time to be completed.


Magic Christmas Tree is sold by Otogino at 680 yen (US$8).

Introduced on TV and newspapers, the tree sold total of 258,000 by November 2009, according to the store’s website.

It is going to be fun to grow the tree on a lazy holiday. Having hot drink and observe the tree crystallized (^_^)


This is JAPAN Style!



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