Amazing Japanese House Reform Show “BEFORE AFTER” Part 2

“Before After” is a Japanese house remodeling show, which redesigns a horrible house to a beautiful functional house.

If you haven’t read and watch the PART 1, please check it first.


The house in this video was horrible too! But again, it dramatically changed by a takumi’s great ideas!!

Check this out!!


<The house that people enter through a lavatory>
(The description is below)

-The lavatory door is facing to a street and the residents have to enter the house through there.
-The dining room can’t get enough light, and the ceiling is too low.
-The master bedroom has a large furniture and TV that make the room look even smaller.
-The second bedroom for two sisters is to small and no privacy. The ceiling is too low.


-New entrance door with the special doorknocker that was made of the family’s old wooden hammer to pound mochi rice.
-A large shoes closet in the entrance.
-The dining room turned into a clean bright dining kitchen which has the latest IH heater and a lot of storages. They got rid of the old ceiling panels to have more height.
-The new master bedroom got a large mirror to look the room bigger. A large storage unit can hide all the furniture they had in the room before. There are two beds hiding underneath the storage, and they can be pulled out. In addition, there is more storage under the tatami(斜体) floor.
-A panel in the storage can be used as a table too, and also by using another panel it transforms to a large table for family gathering.
-More storage in the stairs.
-The second bedroom got a sliding separation wall and two vanity & desks. No more ceiling panels. Two small windows added for more light.
-Takumi recycled some old basket steamers that the family used, to make re-arrange-able decoration shelves.

The total remodeling cost for this house was about 5870,000 yen (66,000 US dollar) without design fee.


This is JAPAN Style!


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