“Magic Sakura” the Cherry Tree Blooms on Desk


I found a unique item which you can enjoy a cherry tree blooming on a desk. It is called “Magic Sakura” and released by OTOGINO (a miscellaneous goods store) in [W:Oita Prefecture].

The tree is made of paper, and it is set on a tray. Once you pour “magic water (sodium acetate)” onto the tree, it starts crystallizing and looks just as if cherry blossoms blooming.




It comes into full bloom in 12 hours and starts falling after a couple of days. (It will change depends on the temperature and humidity.)

It will give a nice spring feeling to your office and makes a good topic for conversation.

The price is 680 yen (US$8.50). The store recommends the cherry blossom as a celebration gift for starting new school, graduation, wedding, and birth.


Source: Magic Sakura by OTOGINO




This is JAPAN Style!



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