Eat Up All! Dessert with Edible Bowl


In Japan, it is getting hotter and hotter toward real hot and humid summer of Japan, which means the season of ice cream has come!  There are many types of ice cream waiting for us; color fruit flavoured one, divine vanilla and classic choc mint and many more classics and new ones (o><o).  But the ice cream I’m going to introduce today is a bit more special than them!


Ice cream with an edible bowl!  😯


Good thing about this special bowl is, it’s nice and tasty but surprisingly it doesn’t look too difficult to make one by ourselves!

Please have a look from the link below and see how easy and fun it looks.



See?  You just need your favorite choc to melt, balloons to make the shape, and a little bit of courage to pop those balloons at the end of its making process.  And ta da!!  All ready for your to pur your favorite ice cream and topping into your bowls, and you can have a lovely desert with edible plate like this^^

It is a great fun dessert to have for parties and BBQ, isn’t it?

And if you have several ice cream topping like fruits sauce or choc flakes and stuff, topping will also be a good fun for your friends!!

Ah, let’s see if I can have some BBQ with friends soon so that I can ask one of my friends to bring ice with this choc bowls 😛

Job done!!


What do you think about today’s artilce?

If you try make one this weekend, let me know how it goes.  I also would like to hear other pudding ideas for summer fun!  😉