Easy Homestay Opportunities With Nagomi Visit


(Picture source: http://www.nagomivisit.com/)


Homestay is quite a common way for foreigners (especially students) to get an authentic look at day to day life in Japan. People might not always have enough time and money to experience homestay, but there is one perfect option for those who want to meet locals and spend fun time with them more quickly. One Japanese NPOs, Nagomi Visit, offers a unique but simple program called “home visit”. In this program, foreign visitors get to spend a couple of hours in the home of one of Nagomi’s host families while enjoying Japanese home-cooked meals (can choose either lunch or dinner) and chatting with their hosts. Without a doubt, this is the type of priceless experience that the average tourist can never have. Currently Nagomi Visit contracts with 234 host families all over Japan, from big cities to the rural countryside. Thus, visitors are able to satisfy their cultural curiosities by connecting with a wide spectrum of host families:)


More details here at the English website of Nagomi Visit >> http://www.nagomivisit.com
You can see plenty of pictures here on their Facebook page as well. Everyone looks so happy! >> https://www.facebook.com/nagomivisit


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Author: Junko


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