Wasabi Stories vol.148: “Appreciate the Lesson”


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“Appreciate the Lesson”

Today’s story-teller is Lou Oshiba, Japanese entertainer.

His story was about Japanese famous actor Tatsuya Mihashi.

After graduating from high school, Oshiba knocked about Europe, and then he joined an acting school.

With his teacher’s recommendation, he started to attend upon Mihashi. But he got tired of working for him after only 3 days.

Everytime Mihashi ordered him to get something like cigarettes or tea, he had to get them immediately for him.

He questioned himself why he had to do all those things when he wanted to become an actor.



The manager of Mihashi said to him once, “Think and find out what Mihashi wants before he asks you.”

Following the manager’s advice, he learned how to read Mihashi’s mind. He looks back on the time and says that it was a good experience.

Mihashi used to aim harsh words at Oshiba. He wondered why he always has a sharp tongue. But he learnt a lot of things from negative examples.

He learnt a lot and improved his abilities while he was working for Mihashi.

After working for Mihashi for 2 and a half years, when he was 22 years old, he left Mihashi and joined an entertainment agency in his ardent desire to start life.

However, things did not go well with him and it took 10 years before he made a name for himself.

When Mihashi died, he couldn’t attend the funeral since he was working. He could not stop crying over the news when he was reported the loss of him.


Oshiba says, “In the show business, which has huge ups and downs, it is easy to be carried away, just like The Emperor’s New Clothes. That is when you need someone who would warn you. I learnt the way to survive in the world of show business. There were tough times when I was attending upon Mihashi, but the time I spent with Mihashi, who used call me ‘boya (young fella)’, is a precious thing in my life.”


The NIKKEI 11/27/2009 by Lou Oshiba (Japanese entertainer)



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