Natural Art Traditional Door Curtain,Noren


Japanse_NorenI introduced to you about the Japanese NOREN before on this Blog.

NOREN is a Japanese traditional door curtain.

Persimmon Juice Dye -Hand Made by a Japanese Professional Craftsman.

The persimmon juice dye has been widely used for Japanese goods for a long time since about the Heian era.

The juice of the persimmon has the character to dye only the cloth of a natural material.

Because the bitter juice of the persimmon is taken from the nature, it can be said it is very ecological.

The workman dyed this item introduced here carefully with the hand one by one.

In your home or for the present, how about such wonderful craft goods from Japan?

This is a NOREN or the Japanese door cartain to be hang from the ceiling of an entrance or somewhere you would like a divider.

Ex. kitchen entrance, shop, etc. Of course, you can use it as a tapestry if you wish.


Made in JAPAN!


This is JAPAN Style!


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