Samurai Food – Edo Period Cuisine is Available in Asakusa and Sumida

edoHave you ever wanted to eat what Samurai ate?

In Asakusa (read about Asakusa Senso-ji Temple and Sumida area, Tokyo, 12 restaurants started serving the food that were eaten in the Edo period (1603-1868) since end of the last month.

It’s one of the projects to activate the area, where The Tokyo Sky Tree opens two years later.

The chefs of the restaurants referred the cooking books that released in the Edo period, and succeeded to remake 11 dishes including “unagi zosui (rice porridge with eel)”, “konoshiro no sanbaizuke (marinade herring with Japanese radish)”, “hamaguri denrgaku (grilled clam with miso sauce)”, “awabi harawata-ae (fried abalone with gut and miso mixed sauce)” and “kabocha mochi (pumpkin dumpling)”.

All the dishes sound light and healthy, don’t they?

During the Edo period, people didn’t eat beef and pork, so the most main dishes are seafood or vegetables.

They ate fried food like tempura though.

The Edo dishes are available till March 31, but depends on the restaurants, they might continue to serve them.


This is JAPAN Style!


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