Fast Fashion is HOT in Japan


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Shimamura Store. "sleepytako" some rights reserved. flickr

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H&M in Tokyo, Ginza. "pict_u_re" some rights reserved. flickr


In the global recession, Japanese young people still keep consuming for their fashions; however, instead of buying expensive famous brands, they shop at inexpensive casual brands.


Since mid of 2000’s, the mass produced inexpensive clothing brands or the styles have been called “fast fashion” after fast and cheap “fast food”.

For example, H&M, Zara, Forever21 are the major fast fashion stores in the world.


In Japan, UNIQLO and Shimamura are the popular ones.

It seems the fashion models and media improved the name value of fast fashion.

As some Japanese charismatic fashion models buy their clothes at fast fashion stores, people are more encouraged to buy at those stores.

The stores have featured magazines, TV shows, news papers and websites, and the word “fast fashion” even won The Word of the Year Awards 2009 (Ryuukou-go Taisho 2009).


This is JAPAN Style!


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