Wasabi Stories vol.216: “It is Amazing to Encounter a Great Book”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is Tokyo TV’s female announcer Miho Ohashi. The story is from her diary column.

After working for the TV station for 8 years, Ohashi started wondering why she has to work, so called ‘moratorium of member of society’.

In reality, the age is not always proportional to the career for women (at least it is in Japan). Ohashi once got to the point that she was unsure what she wants to do at the next stage.


Finally, she got out of the bad time after an incident on a train.

The incident is that one day, she noticed a newspaper advertisement in a newspaper that a man on the train was reading.

It was an advertisement for a book, ‘A Compass to Fulfillment: Passion and Spirituality in Life and Business’, written by [W:Kazuo Inamori].


She says, “The title inspired me. I sensed that something is there for me. So I went to a bookstore and purchased the book right away. It was a right thing to do.”


She introduces a line from the book: “Work has an effect that makes you win over your desire, sharpen your intellect and cultivate humanity.”

Therefore, she thinks that work is training of life. When she went to a dentist for having a tooth pain, she was told that it was caused by clenching teeth from stress.

Sometimes she cried because the work was hard. She had been under a lot of stress, but she managed to work through without giving up her work.

The words in the book helped her to get rid of her hesitation she had and indicated her rays of hope.


She says, “My mind became clear when I finished reading the book. I want to keep improving myself as long as I live. So I want to work every day.”


These words were impressive in her story.


The NIKKEI 03/03/2010 by Miho Ohashi (Tokyo TV announcer)


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