100 Hiccups and You will Die??

Have you ever struggle to stop your hiccups? It may be a fun to try all old saying methods with mates as a student, but it could be a serious trouble when you have to present something in front of big audience i.e. big conference and important sales presentation. There are many methods people say good to stop hiccups. Breathe out all air and hold your breath. Ask somebody to scare you. Drink a glass of water at one go. Say ‘daizu (soy bean)’ many times (really??). But there is old Japanese story that you will die when you hiccups for more than 100 times!! Some area seems to say 1,000 times, too, but whatever the number is, could it be really true?




Good news is that hiccups do not just kill healthy people just because it occurred for 100 times or more. But bad news is that it could be a sign of health problems such as brain tumour, meningitis or some central nerve related failure. But of course, when there is such a symptom happening behind hiccups, there is other signs including numbness in limb or sharp headache etc., so you should know that something is wrong with your body.

Old sayings tend to be slightly dark and scary in Japan, but maybe they just are just trying to warn people to be more careful about their health without overlooking such signs rather than just scaring people??? You don’t always have to be scared of having hiccups, but I hope you could keep this story somewhere in your mind for you and your loved ones’ healthy living.



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