Wedding Magazine that Contains “Notification of Marriage” Sheet

Photo by MC恋塚


Wedding magazines generally contain bridal information such as chapels, wedding dresses, rings, and how to start newly-married life. But I think no wedding magazine had ever contained an official “notification of marriage” sheet in it like the latest issue of Zexy, a Japanese leading wedding magazine, does.

In Japan, a couple can get married by signing (and sealing) and registering a marriage notification sheet.

A couple who are engaged may find the marriage notification sheet convenient as a magazine gift convenient, but for those who are not ready for marriage, it will be a pressure.

Actually, most internet users say it is “scary,” “too desperate,” and “a pressure.” Since the target readers are women who are engaged and who hanker for marriage, men are scared of this over-kind gift on the magazine.

Some say that woman’s plan is to put the magazine around her boyfriends and make him think about marriage or get him drunk and make him sign the paper LOL.

Well, it might be a good idea to see his reaction to the magazine. If he looks scared, he mustn’t have any desire of marriage.

Besides the marriage notification sheet, the magazine comes with mini guide books and a cute kitchen timer. So the magazine is very thick like a phone book and weights 4 kg!! If a woman brought it to her boyfriend’s house like nothing, she must have strong desire for marriage.

In recent years, Japanese women are active in marriage than men. You can read about it on the past posts, “Japanese Marriage Register Pressing Set – for Woman Who Has Indecisive Boyfriend” and “What’s this!? Japanese Marriage Proposal Pressing Set.”


Source: Excite News (Japanese)


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