Japanese Internet Slang




There are all kinds of Internet slang in Japan.

They were mostly born in the huge Internet forum “2 channel” but they are taking root widely and used by many Internet users.

Even in manga or other media too!


The common abbreviations (or I should call them “slang”) are; for example,

w:warau (laughing)”

JK: “think in commonsense”

orz: “dissapointed” (the image of someone bowing down in despair.)

wktk:waku waku teka teka” = “just can’t wait!” (for what’s happening next.)

ry:ika ryaku” = “the rest details are omitted”

kwsk:kuwashiku” = “detail it” = “Tell me more about it”

GJ: “Good Job!”

gkbr:gaku gaku buru buru” = “trembling”

IYH: “Ya hoo” = “exciting”

ksk:kasoku” = “hurry up”


Is there something you recognize?

“w (laughing)” can be easily found in Youtube!

It can be used repeatedly like “Blah blah blah wwwwwwwwww” or with a parenthesis “Blah blah blah (w”.


If you want to know the meanings of other Japanese Internet slang, feel free to ask me! (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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