[FREE GIFT] Japanese Candles for 5 people by lottery !!!

The other day, I introduced Japanese candles.

I don’t usually use candles, and I can’t even remember when I used a candle last time.

But when I interviewed with the candle company for the article, I was impressed by the company’s philosophy; “We want to heal people’s hearts. We want to make the candles that we truly think beautiful.”

To read more, please click the previous article.


Since I learned about Japanese candles, I sometimes lit candles to relax when I work overtime at my office.

I really want people in other countries to try the Japanese candles and decided to give them away!!

I’d like to give the candles to five of you who are reading this article, by lottery.


Here are the candles.


* Size: (L)4.7inch
* They don’t include the candle stands.


They are made from plants and uniquely shaped after plants!

I’d like to give five candles per winner (the winners can’t pick the design).

I expect people from different countries, so please don’t hesitate.


But there are two conditions.

1: The winner has to email me his/her review after using the candles with pictures. The review and pictures may be shared on JAPAN Style.
2: Please refrain from applying from Japan. Only people who live in other countries can apply.


The deadline for application is April 18, Sunday.


I will announce the winners in this blog on April 20!

Apply from the link below!

Japanese Candles FREE GIFT!


Subject “Free Candles Application” and write following items in the message column.





Message: If you have opinion on JAPAN Style (^_^).


I already prepared them!  😉


candle present


This is JAPAN Style!


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