Maid Cafe : More Than Coffee


Cafes can be found all over the world. But in Japan, a unique cafe experience can be found; the maid cafe. A maid cafe is one of the cosplay (costume play) cafes. The maids’ costumes have origins in some popular Japanese anime or manga.  Examples of other cosplay cafes include butler cafes, miko (Shinto shrine attendant) cafes, witch cafes and so on.


maid cafe

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[W:Akihabara], a mecca for otaku people,  is one of  the most famous places for maid cafes and other cosplay cafes. For customers, maid cafes require a certain amount of imagination. The maid cafe is your home, and you are the master who hires many maids.

When you get home (enter the cafe), your maids (waitresses) welcome you with kawaii smile and say “welcome home, master.”

At maid cafes, you order items just like at a regular cafe, but your maid’s smile sure makes you very happy!


maid cafe

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A maid distributing handbills


And what’s more, interesting shops like maid game centers, maid beauty parlors, and maid massage shops, are derived from the original-sytle maid cafes.

“Maid” keeps evolving! I wonder what kind of maid shops will appear next (^^).



This is JAPAN Style!



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