CamiApp : Paper Notebook and App to Digitize Handwritten Notes

Last week, KOKUYO released notebooks that are specialized to organize and store handwritten note digitally.



The notebooks are used in conjunction with special app, which you can install on your iPhone (It will be available on Android this month).

When you take picture of handwritten content with your app installed smartphone, it digitizes the content by adjusting angle, size and contrast automatically, and makes the picture clear.

CamiApp has a special feature called “Action Marker,” which you can tag notes automatically by filling the printed box on top corner of each page.
You can edit digital notes with the drawing tools and share the notes on Evernote and Dropbox.



CamiApp’s rival series Shot Note was released by King Jim early this year, and it is already available on Android as well as iPhone. Shot Note has more variations in the notebooks but doesn’t have features like CamiApp’s action marker and drawing tools.


Video “Kokuyo releases CamiApp series of smartphone-friendly notebooks”




Images from YouTube Video by Kokuyo

Kokuyo’s CamiApp (Japanese)

CamiApp on Apple Store (English)

King Jim’s Shot Note (English, Japanese)


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