Secret Menu of Famous Franchise Shops in Japan!

Franchise restaurants can be very convenient to pop in as they gives you the same quality and taste you expect wherever you go, but I have an impression that they are less flexible when it comes to customising their menu being officially offered to whatever their customers want.  But it seems it is just my prejudice against franchise restaurants.

I found an article which writes about several secret menu of franchise shops you can order although they are not on their official menu!

First example in the article was a secret menu of Gyu-don giant, Yoshinoya.  This place normally give customers allow customers to select portion of their food (small, regular, large) as well as the amount of sauce.  But there has been a secret option of “normal portion of rice with increased topping beef”.  It was only available in their #1 shop, but as it was very popular among their regular repeat customers, and it is now available across Japan!


"tadtad" some rights reserved. flickr

“tadtad” some rights reserved. flickr


Good news for people who don’t want to have too much staple but still want to enjoy big portion of gyudon  😛


According to the article, burger franchise shop, “Lotteria” offers “all topping” burger!


lotteria burger


It literally has all options of beef patty for beef burger, deep fried breaded prawn for prawn cutlet burger, patty for cheese burger etc etc with veg and sauce!  It seems this menu was only available if you have a voucher, but it seems you can order without it now if you pay extra topping fee.  I’m not sure how people can take a big bite of everything at once??? lol  But it is a nice surprise, isn’t it?  Good for those indecisive people, too  😉


Last example I’ve chosen from the article for today is famous chicken wing of “Sekai no Yama-chan” in Nagoya!  Their flavoured chicken wing is very famous mainly in Nagoya area, and they’ve got secret menu of tempura chicken wing.  Their chicken wing normally comes with bone, but this tempura version comes with no bone.  It seems it takes time as they remove bones, but it’s worth waiting as it seems it is nice and juicy.


"kawanet" some rights reserved. flickr

“kawanet” some rights reserved. flickr


How comes I don’t know about this menu while I’m from the area Σ(ll゚д゚(ll゚д゚ll)゚д゚ll)???  Note to self; visit Yama-chan next time when I go visit Nagoya!!!!


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know you favourite secret menu of franchise shop not off from the menu unique to your region, too^^  I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!


Source: web R25


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