Various Designs are Available for Butsudan – Shrine for Home –

Home-sized-shrine-in-cabinet are often found in Japanese houses. We call them butsudan, and the owners use them to worship Buddha and the deceased in the families.



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The picture above is a typical butsudan, which has a statue of Buddha in the center and incense burners, ring, candlesticks and platform for placing offerings.

The classic style of butsudan are beautiful and perfectly fit in Japanese style rooms; however, they are not suited at urban style houses.

For those who live in modern or western style houses, butsudan manufactures make new looking butsudan.


blue_butsudan orange_butsudan


These are “color changeable” butsudan. The designer expressed the change of seasons that nature shows in the orange and green ones.


Can you find a butsudan? It’s on the upper right.
It is naturally blended into the entertainment set.


This is totally new.
You’ll never guess there is a butsudan in this room when you come in.


According to a survey, many buyers think that design is the most important factor to choose butsudan. So there will be more variations in the near future.


Source: Ruriiro Tradition



This is JAPAN Style!


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