Swiss Origami Artist, Sipho Mabona

Professional origami artist doesn’t always have to be Japanese. Sipho Mabona is a Swiss origami master who has designed origami for Japanese major companies’ promotion movies.


“Basket Shoe” He can make a shoe out of a sheet of square paper.


The video below is a promotion video for ASICS, a Japanese athletic equipment company. It is a stop-motion animation using Mabona’s origami works.


“Origami in the Pursuit of Perfection”


He also worked for Toshiba’s videos.


“Toshiba TV”


“Toshiba Laptop”


His origami works are three-dimensional and has a lot of curvy lines. They are beautiful and have organic, warm feeling.

Let’s look at more! 😛

Here is koi fish (carp).



“The making of an origami Koi in stop motion (origami animation)”


And fugu (blowfish)…


“Inflatable Fugu”


I wonder if it is made of a sheet of paper too.


Sipho Mabona Website


This is JAPAN Style!