Learn Japan through Simple Games

I found a useful website that provides a variety of games involving Japanese culture. Although they are designed for children, anyone who is leaning Japanese culture might find it interesting and educational.

The website is Kids Web Japan and the games are in Games and Virtual Culture in the PLAY category.

After played some of them, I decided the followings are my favorites.


-Step Back in Time

Quiz game on Old Japan (Edo Period).
There are 3 subjects, Fashion, Food, and Recycling. Each question has 3 possible answers.


-Spot the Mistakes

Spot wrong things in the pictures of scenes in modern Japan.


-Hiragana Picture Matching Game

Pick the hiragana word that matches the picture shown.
When you get the correct one, you can hear the pronunciation.


-Mix ‘n’ Match

It’s a card game known as concentration. There are 16 cards featuring 8 people with different job.
When you find a pair you can read about the job.


-Virtual Japanese House

Quiz game that you can learn basics of Japanese house.


I think Gesture Game and What’s in the Photo? are also good help to understand Japanese culture.

It’s good to learn something while having fun. It’s effective too!


Link: Kids Web Japan


This is JAPAN Style!