Wasabi Stories vol.142: “Let Them Find for Themselves”


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“Let Them Find for Themselves”

Today’s story-teller is Hiroshi Yamamoto, a Japanese athlete who won a silver medal in archery at the 2004 Summer Olympics, held in Athens.

The article was about his junior high school teacher.

The teacher, Ando, was an adviser to the archery club.

When Yamamoto asked Ando for the techniques of archery, he dryly said, “Find them out for yourself.”



Yamamoto was not happy with his response, but because of Ando’s response, he decided to learn the techniques on his own. He read books on artery at library, and tried out the techniques in his practice. Then he started to make noticeable progress.


Yamamoto says, “I don’t think I could achieve success if Ando helped me with everything. I achieved success because he taught me how to get the techniques on my own. I try to choose the best timing to give advice to my students based on my own experience with Ando.”


The most important thing in archery is to find out things for yourself.

So it was a story on Yamamoto learned it from Ando and he believes only doing so, you will develop your ability.


The NIKKEI 11/20/2009 by Hiroshi Yamamoto (Athlete of archery)



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