Caterpillar-like Bus in Japan


The other day, JAPAN Style posted a report of “Wonder Festival 2010”, which held in Makuhari, [W:Chiba Prefecture].

In this town, some unique buses are running.

Let me share the pictures of the busses from another blog.


unique bus
It’s called “coupling bus on a regular route”.



unique bus
18 meters long huge bus is longer than three regular cars.


unique bus
Lately, new thinner version one appeared in the town.


unique bus
It’s also 18 meters long but the height is lower than the old one.


unique bus

When it goes on a curvy road, the body bends like caterpillar lol.


Driving these must be hard. The drivers might need high skill.

If you have unique bus in your country, please share with me!


Reference: Daily Portal Z



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