“tapehook” Pop and Unique Paper Hook

Pop and fun! “tapehook” is a hook made of paper. It looks like a piece of plastic tape that is just cut off from a roll.




It was developed by Torafu Architects, a unit consisting of Japanese young architects as a part of its project in pursuit of “the potentiality of tools made of paper.”

They got a hint from an ordinary plastic tape which gets curvy when it’s cut. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we can hang things on it?” having that unique idea, they created the tape using a material called classico tracing, which hardens as it is moisten and then dried. It is strong enough to hold keys, sunglasses, and accessories.


“tape hook”


There are 3 kinds of 3-piece sets available at the company’s online store, Kamigu, The National Art Center Tokyo, Aoyama Book Center, and also in France and Singapore.




Link: Kamigu (English)

Source: Walker Plus (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!