Unique Japanese Burger! Ramen Burger

Japan Style have covered one of Japanese soul food, Ramen quite often, but here is another ramen related article to share with you; Ramen burger!

So, this burger was available at one of Japanese franchise burger shop in collaboration with a popular ramen shop only for a month till June this year (and I missed it!!!), but it literally has got ramen noodle with chopped chashu pork sandwiched by burger buns, and it’s served with a tiny cup of ramen soup to either dip the ramen burger or drink.


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Now, some people may be surprised by this double carb combination of noodle and bread despite the fact that Japanese food has a healthy image, but we have yakisoba bread (or bread with stir fried noodle), so it is not particularly an unfamiliar combination for us.

So, how was the taste of this product??  That is a question, right? 🙂

It seems the combination of bread/ ramen noodle and sweet chashu pork flavour with mayonnaise works really well; it is similar to yakisoba bread or kakuni pork bun.  And special soup which comes with the ramen burger with seaweed and dried sardine sardine stock is light but very flavourful, and easy to drink on its own.  But good thing about this ramen burger is that you can actually order noodle refill to enjoy mini ramen, too.

Well, it is not a very healthy combination, but I believe it must have been as good as yakisoba bread.  It’s a shame I couldn’t try while the food was available.  But as it seems the food was very popular, I hope it will come back again (><)


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