“Shonen Jump” Mangas Available to Read Online Legally for Free

One of the Japanese major publishers, Shueisha Inc. is now distributing its 15th issue of “Weekly Shone Jump” online for free because many readers couldn’t read it in consequence of the major earthquake.

Weekly Shonen Jump features such popular manga as NARUTO, ONE PIECE, BLEACH, and Gin Tama.

If you have Adobe Flash Player 10 or latter versions, you can read the issue on Niconico Douga, a video sharing site, without installing any viewer application.

It is of course written in Japanese, but it is cool that you can read the latest episodes of those popular manga!

To read, click “Weekly Shonen Jump 15th Issue Online” and click the red box  (with a triangle play button in it) of the manga you want to read, and the viewer will pop up.


Note: It is right side binding; → (right arrow) is NEXT and ← (left arrow) is Back.


You can read it online till April 27.


This is JAPAN Style!