Wasabi Stories vol.126: “A vein of gold is in what everybody sees”


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“A vein of gold is in what everybody sees”

Today’s story teller is a novelist, [W:Ira Ishida].

The topic of the interview is “information sensitivity” and he talked about how to find and use the information you need in today’s society where information overflows.



– (Interviewer) I heard you don’t really research when you write a novel.

“I interview some people but I don’t research throughly because I think the more information I get, the less the theme freshens or gets interesting. It is like “getting information while I am writing.” And I think “learning while running” is an effectual way in any job.”


– What do you concern when you collect and use information?

“Storing information I need and discarding needless information. In the society with full of information, it is impossible to scoop up all information.

“Heightening information sensitivity is not taking new materials one after another but having sensibility to sort information.”


– How do you usually gather information?

“In a general way; by reading newspapers, magazines and watching TV.
I try to get materials for a novel through those mediums. Just because I am a novelist, it doesn’t mean that I have special source of information behind by back.”

“I think the most information that only a few people know is fake. A vein of gold is in the information that everybody knows.”

“I have been collecting scraps of newspapers everyday, and the collection is one of my important sources.”


The NIKKEI Oct/20/2009  by Ira Ishida (novelist)



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