Daigo Umehara : God of 2D Fighting Game


If you are a fighting game fan, you may know or have heard of Daigo “the Beast” Umehara, who is a famous Japanese fighting-game player. He won many championships in the world, and received “Most Consecutive Tounament Wins” in Guinness Book of World Records.

As he is called “God of 2D fighting game” in Japan, he is an amazing player.

This video proves that. It is a match between Daigo and Justin Wong at EVO World Championship Finals 2004. The game is Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Daigo played as Ken (karate Guy) and Justin played as Chun-li (China girl). The top yellow bars are the life bars (left= Ken, right = Chun-li). Watch the bars as well as the fighting.



Although Ken’s life was barely left, Daigo parried a 17-hit combo from Chun-li and defeat her with his kick trick (Shippu Jinrai Kyaku).

This exciting video was selected as The Best Moment in Pro-Gaming History among game players.

You can see the full match in the video below.



Daigo has been winning game competitions since 1997. What makes him keep going? How does he “stay hungry” in the competitive scene?

He answered the question in s-kill blog saying that what motivates him is his challenging spirit rather than the game result.


“For me to play a game means trying something new and pushing myself to a new boundary. What matters to me is not whether I can win, throw a cool combo, or just even simply have fun with a game. It also has nothing to do with what others think of me or my play, but how I feel. I keep pushing myself, and that’s what drives me.  I don’t compare myself with others. My inspiration comes from the desire of wanting to challenge myself.”


The same can be said of many other persons in different fields. The whole interview can be read in the websites below.



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