Wild Parfaits at a Coffee Shop in Kyoto!?

Kyoto, the city with countless Japanese historical shrines, temples and architectures.

It’s a popular tourists’ destination as well as Tokyo.

In such refined city, there is a coffee shop that serves wild parfaits!


Let’s check them out!


Coffee Shop
This is the coffee shop. It’s in underground shopping complex.



Coffee Shop
They are parfaits but amazingly, a cake on each one!
They’re called “Parfait Cake” and the price is 950 yen (US$10).


In Kansai area including Kyoto and Osaka, this kind of parfait is not so unusual but I had never seen that!


I think it’s weird.

Why do they put a cake on top of parfait? It’s hard to eat.

They’d better separate cake and parfait…


Reference:Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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