Easy Yummy Miso Soup Trick

Miso soup is a must in Japanese cuisine!

It’s made with miso, dashi stock, and ingredients such as tofu, seaweeds, vegetable and meat.


miso soup

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I hear that miso are found at supermarkets in many countries, but it is hard to find dashi stock.

Maybe you can get some at oriental store but they are not so cheap.

To fresh dashi, you need kombu (kelp), niboshi (small dried sardines) or katsuobushi (dried tuna flakes); these are not cheap either.


Well, but no more expensive miso soup!

I saw a trick to make miso soup without dashi stock on TV.

Instead of dashi, what you need are, yogurt and grated parmesan topping.


When you make miso soup, put these in boiling water;

Miso paste 5, yogurt (unsweetened) 1, and pinch of grated parmesan topping.

Be careful with the amount of yogurt, if you put too much, the soup gets sour.


Since you can get yogurt and cheese at anywhere, you can make miso soup more often!


This is JAPAN Style!


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