Popular Yearend / New Year Party Venue for Young Japanese Business Men

Yearend/new year is one of the busiest season for pubs and restaurants in Japan as all workers have either yearend or new year party or both!  Plus, it is not only held between colleagues, but between business partners as well as friends.  So people are likely to have multiple parties during the season.  And we always hope that if we could stay at such a party venue overnight so we don’t have to worry about the last bus/train.


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Well, here is a solution for such a case.  Recently, hotels and inns are becoming more popular as a venue for the yearend/ new year party among young business people!


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Spa and a party!  Now, that is a good idea, isn’t it?


According to an article, 42.5% of male in 20s and 30s, and 37.5% of female have had a yearend/new year party in hotels and inns.  In other words, about 40% had a hotel party before.

Those who experienced hotel party before answered that they liked the idea as ‘you can drink as much as you want without worrying about going home afterword’, ‘service is better than normal pubs and restaurants’ and ‘spa is so relaxing and good as a yearend/new year treat’.

Hotel party, which is especially popular for business man around Tokyo area, is typically held on Friday.  If you finish work early, you can arrive at venues in somewhere like Hakone around 19:00 and enjoy drink after a nice hot spa.  Yearend/new year party is normally start around 19:00 or 20:00, so if you leave work 2 hours earlier, you can easily make such a nice drink party with hot spa.


But how about price?  Is it going to be quite expensive?


Well, this is just an example, but 1 night stay at hot spa can be less that 10,000 yen (US$116) at some places while normal Tokyo drink could cost over 10,000 yen for drinks at the 1st & 2nd venue plus taxi fee.  So it is not so expensive plan at all!  I would think of planning something nice for new year get together myself!! 🙂


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