Men’s Habits Women Feel Uncomfortable


Everyone has at least one or two bad habits, frankly speaking, I also have some.

I’ll let you know my bad habits later, but first I would like to share an interesting Japanese article titled “Men’s Habits Women Feel Uncomfortable.”

Bad habits cause no apparent problems when you are by yourself, but that’s another story in public.
Maybe your bad habits sometimes annoy someone else without realizing.

The article tells us a result of a questionnaire from 300 women nationwide aged between 25 and 34 about men’s frustrating habits in their office.

Are you ready to know the result?


●Men’s frustrating habits in your office (multiple answers were allowed)

1. Frequent tut-tutting (244/300)
2. Nose-picking (220/300)
3. Fidgeting (217/300)
4. Nail biting (183/300)
5. Excessive signing (168/300)
6. Plucking hair (nose hair, etc) (167/300)
7. Tapping a desk with a pen or a finger (159/300)
8. Head-scratching (105/300)
9. Tapping the keyboard loudly (100/300)
10. Self-talk (92/300)


How did it go? I was shocked my bad habits were ranked in the 3rd and the 10th. Yes, my bad habits are “fidgeting” and “self-talking.” (>_<)

I can’t agree more with the 9th “tapping the keyboard loudly” and I don’t even think we can be friends (laughs).

So, take a look at the expert’s comment to this result.

“All highly ranked habits bring a feeling of discomfort through the five physical senses, which means women can sense a foulness and scruffy instantaneously.

Therefore women might have an impression that they are neglected as “men won’t care how women feel,” and then “men never respect women as business associates.”

Hmm, sounds complicated for me, but what do you think?

O.K., next time let me hear bad habits bothering you!

Source: web R25


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