Singing and Dancing Humanoid Mimu


This beautiful humanoid girl got talent! She can sing and dance!



Her name is “HRP-4C” or stage name “Mimu (pronounced Meemu),” and she has got media’s attentions at various events.


The video is her performance last weekend at Digital Content Expo 2010 in Tokyo, where she astonished the audiences. Using VOCALOID, she sang “Deatta Koro no Yoni” a Japanese band Every Little Thing’s hit song. Also by using singing-voice converter technology, she even mimics the voice of the singer.

The dance was choreographed by a Japanese famous dancer and choreographer SAM, who is a member of TRF, a Japanese pop music group.

Although her movement is not natural as the back dancers, it is amazing how she steps to the rhythm and stands on one leg and twist the other leg without falling.

In the future, will there be a humanoid dances like Michael Jackson?



This is JAPAN Style!



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