Wasabi Stories vol.111: “What you can get from parenting”


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“What you can get from parenting”

Today’s story teller is an actor Kazuhiko Nishimura. His story is about his parenting.

He just had his second baby girl and took two months of “child care leave”.

Although he has a special career called “actor”, it is like salaryman.

Since he wouldn’t get earnings for two months, as a supporter of the family, he had been reluctant to do it at first.



But he thought that he wouldn’t have another chance, so he dared to take holidays and took precedence over his family.

That is how his child care leave started.

He learned cooking and he can make many variations of dishes now.


“My friend who is an office worker and makes breakfast everyday and takes his children to and from the kindergarten told me ‘I can’t understand a man who abandons such fun stuff’. Think positively. I don’t get stressed when I am with children. ”


Some people say parenting is hard but Nishimura tries to have fun.

Even during work, he always thinks of his family on a corner of his mind. It was unthinkable thing before he had the first child.

To him, thinking of family during work was a distracting thought.

His work was the center part of his life and he was thinking nothing about his roles at home; he thought it was the virtue of professional actor.

But the thought has changed since he had a baby.


Nishimura’s word,

“Old days, I thought the parents who made children cry in a train were useless but now I care crying children and watch how parents deal with it. Meeting my wife and having children, my interests were enlarged by having children. Before, I was wedded to promote as an actor; I was so narrow-minded.”


The NIKKEI Oct/13/2009  by Kazuhiko Nishimura (actor)



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