Footbath, Shrine and Rental Farm?? Rooftop Evolution in Japan

Today, I’d like to introduce an article about effectively utilized rooftop spaces of Japanese department stores.  They used to be a space for small-sized amusement park to attract families with kids, but it seems there are nation-wide movement to change such rooftop spaces into more quiet and relaxing atmosphere now.


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For example, a commercial facility in Kyusyu opens its rooftop floor as a park with full of seasonal greens.  In addition to the viewpoint to see shinkansen or Japanese bullet trains coming in and out at the nearby station, this facility has railway shrine to pray for safe journey!

Also, this railway shrine has souvenir shops and restaurants along its approach, so that you could enjoy the atmosphere of shopping avenue.  It sounds like these features make their shopping mall vibrant and appealing 😉


The article also introduces a department store in Tokyo, which opens its 3000 square meter rooftop as a public space.  The rooftop of this department has quiet grass field just like a park on the ground, and you can relax by lying down there.  Buying some fresh sandwiches and savoury packed lunch from depachika or food area at a basement floor of a department store, you could feel  as if you were having picnic♪


foot bath

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It seems some unique shopping mall in Tokyo, which has just redesigned recently, even has foot bathing facility, cafe and rental farm on its roof!!  If you order one drink at this café, you will be eligible to enjoy the footbath with peaceful view of the garden.

Footbath on the rooftop!!  I like this idea~ 😛

After your shopping or for you lunch break from your work or whatever you will be doing, footbath will help you warm up a bit and you could be refreshed for sure~(*^_^*)  It seems this shopping mall was opening this space as an artificial beach and pool in the summer time, too.

No wonder department stores with such rooftop spaces are attracting not only shoppers but also business people who are looking for a peaceful place to have their lunch break.  I think it is always great if those spaces can be utilized in an environmental friendly way, and more and more people can enjoy comfy time there.


How did you like today’s article about utilized rooftop spaces of Japanese department stores?

If there is any unique usage of such space in your country, please let us know!

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