The Mushroom Swap


Many types of mushrooms are available at grocery stores, and each kind is delicious.

One day, a blogger wonders if mushrooms from grocery stores still look delicious even when returned to a natural environment. How about wild mushrooms? It is not unusual to see wild mushrooms in parks or undeveloped places. Nobody tries to eat wild mushrooms because we know they are sometimes poisonous and very dangerous. But still, some mushrooms look tempting. Our blogger wonders again if wild mushrooms still look good even in a grocery store package.

Let’s see how they look!


[Mushrooms on the market >> wild mushrooms]

Our blogger places an eryngii mushroom from a grocery store on the ground.
(He covered the bottom with Saran Wrap because he wants to eat it later ^^;)


Looks so wild and strong!


This doesn’t look like an ingredient for dinner. Many people will post about this huge mushroom on Twitter lol.


Next, he puts white shimeji mushrooms at the bottom of a tree in a park.
Looks like a “save point” in “Final Fantasy.”


As soon as white shimeji mushrooms are arranged at the base of the tree, they mysteriously recover their wildness.


Theses last ones are tamogi mushrooms. Wow! Golden mushrooms!
They look like poisonous mushrooms because they are so vivid lol.


[Wild mushrooms >> mushrooms on the market]

OMG! These mushrooms all look really wild and grotesque (^^;


If mushrooms from the grocery store were described as “goldfish”, then these wild mushrooms would be “deep-sea fish”. I wonder how they will look when they are packed in a grocery store’s plastic case.


WOW! They don’t look like food. (Actually that’s because they’re not…)


Even Saran Wrap can’t disguise their overwhelming wildness…


How about with a grocery shop’s price sticker? No… Still not convincing.


Mushrooms on the market >> wild mushrooms:  OK! They still look attractive even outside.

Wild mushrooms >> mushrooms on the market:  NG! The appeal is lost.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!