Japanese Sweets Game – iPhone App – Mizu Man


I downloaded a cute puzzle game iPhone app called Mizu Man Lite (free!). Try this app and you will enjoy beautiful Japanese confections and lovely sound effects.





The object is to flick the matching types of confections which gradually rise, as on a conveyor belt, from the bottom of the screen. The confections you flick jump onto a plate (the black strip part at the bottom).

The sound made when confections are flicked is very cute! It is just like playing the piano.




When you gather three of the same kind of sweets in a row, you can remove them. (These green sweets on the black strip are disappearing now.)




The names of the confections appear after you flick three of them onto the black belt. Japanese kanji letters sometimes have too many strokes, but also look quite gorgeous, don’t they(^^)?




No more than six confections at a time can be kept on the plate. If  you try to keep more than six, they fall off like in the photo below, and the game speed quickly accelerates. Hang in there!




Watch this movie. He cleared the stage!




Oops!! If you cannot clear the stage, you’ll see screens like these and hear deadly dramatic sound effects. How dramatic??


Maybe you should download this app and check it out!! 😉




This is JAPAN Style!


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