Amazing Advertising Strategy by a Japanese Credit Card Company

Let me talk about what impressed me the other day in a train station.

I use Omotesando Station (in Tokyo) for commuting everyday. The station is located in an upscale fashion town and almost all ads in the station yard are fashionable.

Since last week, a series of ads made of mirror paper have been posted in the passage.

This is one of them.




As you can see, a member of a boy band Arashi, Ninomiya-kun is on it.  😛 The other side of the passage is reflected in the mirror.

On the corner of it, there is a logo of JCB, a Japanese credit card company.

Numbers of this ad are lined over a few tens of meters on the wall, and strangely, each Ninomiya-kun image is placed slightly off from the center of the mirror.

Although I had been aware of the ads since last week, I hadn’t really paid attention to them thinking they caught the pedestrians’ eyes just because they were made of mirror paper.

But when I passed by the ads on Sunday, I realized the amazing effect of the ads.

Two young women were standing in front of the ads and each one was taking pictures of herself on the mirror!


“Ah!” escaped my lips.


That’s right. These ads were meant for people to take self-shot and show it to friends or other people online (The purpose is unconfirmed, I might be wrong). That’s why they are made of mirror paper and Ninomiya-kun is placed on the side.

I am sure that the self-shot pictures using the ads are shared on photo sharing apps like Instagram or Snapeee, or on Twitter by now.

I thought that it is an amazing idea and advertising strategy, and I was quite impressed.

It’s an excellent job of the company for not being thrusting as an advertisement but having people spread the ads without them being aware of advertising the company.

In Japan, “social advertisement” like this will increase more in the future.

How about in your country?


This is JAPAN Style!