Japanese Crowded Train


Do you have an expression for “full train” in your language?

We call it “man-in-densha” in Japanese. “Man-in” means “full” but not “man in” in English.


Here in Japan, we have terrible rush hour congestion in the mornings.

Inside of trains are so crowded that people can’t stand straight.

Bodies stick each others, of course, and smell sweat especially during summer, so they get tired like end of a day before they get to work LOL.


Seeing is believing, so check this out!



Isn’t it awful!?


Japanese business men take such train everyday.

And many people live away from their offices and take more than hour for commuting (because living in the center of Tokyo is expensive).

I think I can say these “man-in densha” build up business men (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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