Robot Circus!? Murata Bicycle and Unicycle Robots


An IT and electronics exhibition, CEATEC JAPAN 2010 has been held this week at Makuharimesse, in Mihama-ku, Chiba City, [W:Chiba Prefecture]. Various robots from both Japan and overseas are exhibited and attract the visitors.

Murata Manufacturing Company, a Japanese manufacture of electronic components, introduced their updated version of bicycle robot and unicycle robot.

Murata’s 50cm tall bike-riding robot named “Murata Seisaku-kun (a.k.a. Murata Boy)” can climb up a narrow slope.




The new 2010 model has the infrared sensors that automatically go into sleep mode when it receives no commands. It also has the wireless power transmission system, Wi-Fi module, and Bluetooth low energy module (of which technology reduces power consumption by a maximum of 90% against a conventional Bluetooth module.)

Murata Seisaku-kun’s cousin, a preschool girl in dress, “Murata Seiko-chan (a.k.a. Murata Girl)” can ride unicycle on an S-shaped balance beam without falling over.




Adding a few more cousins like juggling robot, and they can make robot circus (^_^)


This is JAPAN Style!



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