Wasabi Stories vol.93: “When you greet, look at the other’s eyes”


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“When you greet, look at the other’s eyes”

Today’s story teller is a president of a communication school, Tomoko Imai.

In the article, she talked about how important greeting is.



In Japan, when a man leaves his house or office, he says “ittekimasu (I’m going)” to the people who stay and they tell the man “itterasshai (take care!)”.


Ittekimasu” and “itterasshai” are common greetings and often heard at home or office but many people who are having busy life just say those words perfunctorily.

The words are supposed to be exchanged sincerely from the hearts while both people looking at each others eyes, but few people actually do so.


“The other day, one of my family members passed away suddenly at work. Our last exchange was ‘ittekimasu’ and ‘itterasshai’. Man never knows what is going to happen; that’s why, I felt keenly the need of sincere word exchange.”


Greeting is something that you have to be thoughtful of the other and show your consideration to the other.

Even when you are busy, make an eye contact each time you greet, and send cheerful voice to the other.

Even when you are in a bad mood, don’t stay in the mood when you go out at least, and don’t forget to smile cheerfully.


“Because they are your precious family and co-workers, I want to greet from my heart.”


The NIKKEI Sep/5/2009  by Tomoko Imai (president of a communication school)


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