Wasabi Stories vol.124: “Overcoming criticism takes you to super first-class”


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“Overcoming criticism takes you to super first-class”

Today’s story teller is a soccer player, [W:Kazuyoshi Miura], who has played in the Japanese national team.

One day, he saw his teammate sighed over his evaluation on a soccer journal.

It was 5.5 out of 10, and Miura told him, “I have got 2 in Brazil.”

He got the score when he just debuted, and the word added on the score was harsh too.


“He should pack and go back to Japan.”


According to Miura, any bad player gets at least 4 or more; therefore, he felt really low and got scared to play soccer.

But when he got over it, he grew two rounds bigger.

Anyone doesn’t like to be bashed but the important thing is whether you can learn from the criticism.

The players who were buffeted in the hardship and felt the mortification from the bottom of their hearts are strong.

Result is all that counts in the professional sports world.

When a player is showing good results, no one says anything to the player, but when the results are not good, people say everything even about the private life.

Miura said that people in his career get cheerless when no one pay attention to them, so providing something that people can talk about outside soccer is suitable.

If they tell him, “He is going out with another girl. I envy him, gotta say something to him,” he is on the right way.

Miura thinks that having the people who are indifferent to soccer take interest in leads to the prosperity of soccer.


Miura’s word

“Speaking from my experiences, when they only say good things about you, you are far from the first-class. By being criticized, you get closer to there. Getting over it takes you to the super first-class.”


The NIKKEI Oct/30/2009  by Kazuyoshi Miura (a soccer player of Yokohama FC and a former player of Japanese National Team)



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