Midsummer Treat!! Beer Garden is Now Open Across Japan

The longer hot and humid weather continues, the more people crave for cooler night with a pint of beer!!  I believe this is a universal feeling among adults in hotter areas.  After-sunset does not necessarily promise us a cooler, comfortable night in Japan; due to its humidity, night time can be as uncomfortable as daytime…  (well, it may not be as much as daytime, but you probably feel so because you cannot have a quality sleeping time due to the heat (><))  But here is a lovely solution to end your hot summery day in Japan, which is beer garden!


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With a general idea of staying cooler in hot summer and changing the heat to something enjoyable, beer gardens open all over Japan for a limited period of time in summer; some are indoors, and some are outdoors, but despite the fact that outdoor beer garden can be hotter than the other, outdoor ones are more popular in Japan.


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Typically, beer garden are set up on the top of hotel and department store buildings in the middle of town, and they are readily accessible for business people after work. But according to an article, there are new types of beer garden situated in the middle of green parks or seaside, which allow customers to enjoy nice summer evening in more fashionable and ideal circumstance (Speaking of fashionable beer garden, there is also polka dot themed beer garden opened in collaboration with an artist, Ms.Yayoi Kusama!!  I’m kind of interested to see this place …Her artwork can be seen from HERE).


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Variety of food can also be a good attraction and so is beer!!  A beer garden in Tokyo offers one of 12 different types of beer every week so that customers can try different beer every week.  There are also some overseas beer garden such as Germany’s Oktoberfest themed beer gardens in several big towns., which I’ve been before.

Well, I know coming to Japan in summer may be too hot, but if you are planning to come over to Japan in summer, I definitely recommend you to try one of those beer garden in the evening 🙂


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