Too Comfy to Get Out of the Bed!

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I am totally an indoor type of person. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I am a “hikikomori“.  I enjoy staying home. Especially snuggling with my feline family on the bed is heaven. Sometimes I even wish that I could live on the bed. Those who have said “Yep, I understand.”, rejoice! A Japanese furniture shop “LaLa-STYLE” has a device that completely spoils you.

This functional bed has a desk with two power outlets, shelves, and racks allowing you not only to sleep, but also to use  your computer, study, eat, and even select your outfit for the next day…all without getting out of the bed. The company website doesn’t mention it, but I think you can even cook something simple if you place a small microwave on the shelf.



Price: ¥29,900 (US$292.46)
Size: 213 x 107.5 x 150cm
Color: White / Black


Voices from Twitter:

“Must have one!”
“Is this made for hikikomori!? Perfect!”
“Bed of dreams!” 
“Looks like a hospital bed…”

This bed sure is perfect for lazy or hikikomori type people. Of course it also might be ideal for those who live in tiny apartments (which are quite common in Japan)


Source: YouPouch


Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!